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How it works:

Subscribe for a weekly delivery
Papa Spud's operates on a weekly subscription basis. We offer three packages, a Small Box ($18.44), a Regular Box ($23.69), and a larger Family Box ($45.09). All boxes are delivered directly to your door, and feature a customizable assortment of seasonal local and/or organic products. Subscriptions are for a weekly delivery, but you are free to place holds on delivery/payments for any weeks that you are out of town, too busy to cook, etc. Holds are managed automatically through your userpage after signing up for the service.
Local and organic growers post their product availabilities
We work with an ever expanding group of local and/or organic growers who communicate their weekly harvests to us, and we in turn offer those products to our customers. These items are posted to our website on Friday afternoon, and remain available until Monday at 12pm.
Customize your delivery
After receiving weekly availabilities from our farmers on Friday, we put together a 'custom default selection' for each of our members. This custom list is based on the specific product preferences set by each member through their online userpage. We then email each of our members inviting them view their custom delivery box, and make any and all changes they would like through our online market. Our market system currently offers dozens different products to choose from with flexible quantities.
Sit back and enjoy!
After your delivery has been submitted, there is nothing more you need to do! Just sit back and relax, Papa Spud's communicates your order to our suppliers, they will harvest your selections as close to your delivery date as possible, and Papa Spud's will package everything up and deliver it to your front door! It's a very efficient and sustainable system of distribution, that reduces waste and fossil fuel consumption - while maintaining a higher quality product.