Local Sweet Basil

Back on the list from Red Hawk Farm, we have beautiful bags of fresh, organic basil on the list for next week!

Basil goes great with tomatoes and is commonly used in margherita pizza, bruschetta, or tomato basil soup. When using fresh basil in a hot dish, wait to add it until the end of cooking time. The longer the basil is cooked, the more flavor is lost. Basil is one of the main ingredients in a Caprese salad, along with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It also works well in desserts and pairs well with fruit, such as watermelon, lemon, lime, strawberry or mango. It can actually make a delicious ice cream, and can be steeped with lemon and tea for a refreshing basil iced tea drink. Basil is also the main ingredient in traditional pesto, which can be used in pasta dishes or with chicken or fish! See the recipes below for making your own home-made basil!

Tips for Making Pesto

Easy Basic Pesto Recipe

Classic Pesto Recipe

Caprese Salad

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