Dirty Girl Cheese

This is our first Dirty Girl cheese of 2020, a mixture of cow's milk and goat's milk. I think of mixed milk cheeses like a winemaker using different grapes. The different milks bring different characteristics. I think of the goat milk as providing structure, and the cow's milk as providing more in the way of texture, though this particular batch reads more like a goat's milk cheese to me in general. This batch is one of the firmest cheeses we make. I recommend cutting it into slices to serve, and drizzling honey over the slices. It really brings out the flavor. It's mild and grassy with a light hint of pineapple, to my taste. We've been eating this a lot this week, with apples at lunch, and later in the day with a rich, velvety Petite Syrah, then with a rye Old Fashioned on another day.

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