Queen Charlottes Pimento Cheese

After a decade or so of perfecting his recipe, Queen Charlotte's Pimento Cheese Royale was founded by Native Charlottean and artist/musician/elementary art teacher John Morgan in early 2014. It had always been something of a pipe dream of Morgan's to do something with his locally-famous pimento cheese, and once he found the time (he was heavily involved with the successful efforts to reclaim the Charlotte Hornets), and the resources (he started the company using money he earned after an appearance on Jeopardy!), it became apparent that the planets had aligned. Starting in March of 2014, Morgan and his girlfriend went to work.

Each batch of Queen Charlotte's Pimento Cheese Royale is handcrafted in our brand new production facility in our hometown of Charlotte, NC. After starting with a cream cheese base (and less mayonnaise than the average pimento cheese), we grate, blend, and package each and every tub by hand. In Her Majesty's Royal Opinion, this most delectable of concoctions is the finest pimento cheese man has ever conjured.

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