Meat Shares!

Local, pasture-raised meats, and wild-caught seafood at supermarket prices!

Papa Spud's works to provide the Triangle with access to fresh, high quality, and sustainably raised whole food products from farmers around our state - and to do so in a way that makes them accessible and affordable to families throughout our community. Our meat share program is a unique distribution system that we have built to make humane and sustainably raised local meat products more competitively priced with feedlot meats at the grocery store. It is a fantastic way to fill your freezer with local, high quality meat products that are comparable in price if not cheaper than the grocery store alternative, despite being better for you, better for our environment, and better for the animals themselves.

*Meat share ordering is open to all Triangle residents, you do not need to be a current Papa Spud's subscriber to participate.

Next Meat Share Distribution: February 26th

Ordering period will open: February 22nd

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How it Works:

Current Pricing (February, 2017)

*Prices per pound
Beef Brisket, grass-fed
Beef Roast, grass-fed
Beef Shortribs, grass-fed
Chuck Eye Steak, grass-fed
Flank Steak, grass-fed
Ground Beef, grass-fed
NY Strip Steak, grass-fed
Osso Bucco, grass-fed
Ribeye Steak, grass-fed
Sirloin Steak, grass-fed
Sirloin Tip Roast, grass-fed
Skirt Steak, grass-fed
Stew Beef, grass-fed
Chicken, Breast Tenderloin, bnls sknls
Chicken, Breast, bnls sknls
Chicken, Drumsticks, frozen
Chicken, Thighs, bnls sknls
Chicken, Thighs, bone-in
Chicken, Whole Poulet Rouge Fermier
Pork, Chops
Pork, Ribs
Pork, Boston Butt Roast
Pork, Ham Roast
Pork, Sausage
Pork, Sausage
$6.00 - $7.50
Flounder, fillets, wild-caught
Wahoo, wild-caught
Mahi, wild-caught
Salmon, farm-raised

Our Partners:

Smithview Farm:

Located in the rolling hills of North Carolina between Pittsboro and Siler City, Smithview Farm has been in the family since the early 1950s. The farm was originally a tobacco-producing farm with a few cows. However, Jim Smith has now completely converted the family farm to grass-fed beef production. Him specializes in extremely high quality grass-fed Angus beef. Jim's steers are raised in a low-stress environment of calm, open pastures, feeding on mother's milk and local forage from birth to harvest.

Seaview Crab Company:

Based in Wilmington, Seaview Crab Company began in 2006 as side work for Nathan King and brothers Joe and Sam Romano. They wanted to earn a self-made living and commercial fishing provided an intriguing blend of innovation and hard labor. When market conditions became difficult, they transitioned to roadside retail sales and now operate several sales locations in North Carolina. Today, Seaview Crab Company is a team of over 30 part-time and full-time fishmongers. Seaview Crab has adopted the philosophy of “moving seafood forward” in an effort to ensure the future of sustainable seafood production, educate the community and encourage creative consumption.

Baldwin Beef:

Located on over 800 acres outside of Yanceyville, North Carolina, V. Mac and Peggy Balwin have been raising cattle since 1969. V. Mac always dreamed of being a cattleman, and even after all these he still gets excited about each new calf born his farm. Animal welfare is very important on Baldwin Farm. V. Mac and Peggy feel that happy animals produce the best meat, and the best way to keep the animals happy is to provide them a clean and healthy environment. This is cattle farming the way nature intended it. Replenish the pastures with quality grass, provide the animals with clean water and room to graze, and they will reward you with happy and healthy beef. V. Mac has not used chemical fertilizers or pesticides on his land in over 20 years, a reflection of his strong commitment to grass fed, chemical free, all-natural free range beef.

Firsthand Foods:

Based in Durham, North Carolina Firsthand Foods connects North Carolina's pasture-based livestock producers with local food lovers, restaurants, and retailers. They source from a network of remarkable farmers who raise their animals humanely, on pasture, without feeding antibiotics or animal by-products, or using added hormones. They do the legwork necessary to get a consistent selection of quality local meats into local markets. They trace meat products back to the farm of origin so that customers know exactly where their meat comes from and how it was raised. Firsthand Foods seeks to build a more sustainable food system for North Carolina.

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