Pasta & Provisions

Pasta & Provisions
1528 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28207
In the 1980s Tommy and Debbie George lived in Boston, where Tommy worked for Italian food purveyor Capone Foods in the city's historic Haymarket district while a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston. After graduating, Tommy helped the company expand into fresh pasta, building a wholesale customer base of 150 restaurants and hotels. Meanwhile, the Georges welcomed three sons — Maxwell, Dylan, and Simon — and began to think about relocating their young family to Tommy's home state of North Carolina. Writing at night while the boys slept, Tommy and Debbie drafted a business plan with the idea to introduce Charlotte (a provincial town back then compared to the booming city is today) to a novel concept: a local fresh pasta company.

The Georges arrived in September 1992, and Pasta & Provisions opened its doors at 1528 Providence Rd. on the day before Thanksgiving. Although they closed early that first day after a humorous gaffe — a customer wanted a wedge of cheese but the store had no knife with which to cut it — they had made their first $100. Within nine months, the retail shop and wholesale business had expanded; by the end of the first year, Pasta & Provisions had sold a half-million dollars, far exceeding even our own expectations. Today, Charlotte boasts a thriving culinary scene and Pasta & Provisions — now with 3 locations, including the original shop on Providence Rd. — has become a household name in town.

While our city and company continue to grow, P&P remains committed to Tommy and Debbie's original vision: to be Charlotte's neighborhood specialty grocer for quality fresh pasta, gourmet food, and wine in an unpretentious atmosphere.

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Pasta, Baked Ziti with Marinara | Pasta, Eggplant Parmesan | Pasta, Fresh, Ravioli, Lobster & Crab, frozen | Pasta, Fresh, Ravioli, Wild Mushroom, frozen | Pasta, Tortellini, cheese, frozen | Sauce, Vodka Creme | Sauce, Wild Mushroom |


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