Mon Macaron

Mon Macaron
111 Seaboard Ave, Unit 118
Raleigh, NC 27604
Autumn and Brittany were neighbors who quickly became best friends. They started Mon Macaron in 2019. Autumn started baking macarons as a hobby and decided to rent a commercial kitchen space to sell them to family and friends. Brittany joined the company and the rest is history!

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Macarons, Birthday Cake | Macarons, Blackberry | Macarons, Blueberry Lavender | Macarons, Blueberry Lemon | Macarons, Butter Pecan | Macarons, Chai Tea | Macarons, Champagne | Macarons, Chocolate Cherry Truffle | Macarons, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough | Macarons, Chocolate Covered Strawberry | Macarons, Cookies N Creme | Macarons, Creme Brulee | Macarons, Double Chocolate | Macarons, Gingerbread | Macarons, Hazelnut Praline | Macarons, Irish Cream | Macarons, Lavendar Lemon | Macarons, Lucky Charms | Macarons, Maple Creme | Macarons, Mayan Hot Chocolate | Macarons, Nutella | Macarons, Peach Mango | Macarons, Peanut Butter Cup | Macarons, Peppermint Dark Chocolate | Macarons, Pineapple Passionfruit | Macarons, Pistachio | Macarons, Pistachio | Macarons, Pumpkin Pie | Macarons, Pumpkin Spice | Macarons, Raspberry Dark Chocolate | Macarons, Raspberry White Chocolate | Macarons, Red Velvet Cake | Macarons, Rose | Macarons, Salted Caramel | Macarons, Spiced Caramel Apple | Macarons, Strawberry Basil | Macarons, Strawberry Chocolate | Macarons, Strawberry Lemonade | Macarons, Strawberry Shortcake | Macarons, Tiramisu | Macarons, Triple Cinnamon Sugar | Macarons, Vanilla Bean | Macarons, Wedding Cake | Macarons, Whiskey Caramel |


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