Apple Wedge

Owner, Greg Nix is a fifth-generation apple farmer. His love for the apple industry began at an early age. He's been on tractors in the orchard with his grandfather since age five! When Greg first started in the orchard business he started with about 30 acres of rented land and approximately 2000 trees. Today the orchards consist of approximately 150 acres and 45,000 trees. We grow 12 varieties of apples. We offer an apple blossom tour in the spring and a packing house production tour and wagon ride in the fall.

In 1995 Apple Wedge Cider was established and we began to produce and market fresh cider. The first three years we produced cider without pasteurization and in 1998 we started pasteurizing cider which we still do today. We have progressed from producing approximately 15,000 gallons our first year to producing over 100,000 gallons seasonally.

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Apples, Arkansas Black | Apples, Braeburn | Apples, Cameo | Apples, Fuji | Apples, Gala | Apples, Ginger Gold | Apples, Golden Delicious | Apples, Goldrush | Apples, Granny Smith | Apples, Honey Crisp | Apples, Limbertwig | Apples, McIntosh | Apples, Mutsu | Apples, Pink Lady | Apples, Rome | Apples, Stayman Winesap | Apples, Wolf River | Apples, York | Cider, Apple |


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