Chapel Hill Creamery

IT ALL STARTS WITH THE SUN, THE SOIL, AND THE GRASS. We work with the natural cycles to create a sustainable dairy farm, aiming to improve our little piece of the planet.

Our cows happily spend most of their time out on pasture, enjoying lush green grass, fresh air, and the great outdoors. While they’re munching, they’re also depositing nutrients (!), amending the soil as they move through the day’s grazing meal. The added nutrients and the increased organic matter builds the soil’s ability to grow more and better grass. The cows produce rich, delicious milk – Jersey cows may not give as MUCH milk as their black-and-white sisters, but Jersey milk is known for its higher butterfat and superior flavor.

We harvest milk from the ladies twice/day and transform it into curds and whey. The curds become CHEESE, and the WHEY we feed to our PIGS. The pigs love drinking whey, and the pork from whey fed pigs is outstanding! This additional income stream supports the overall financial sustainability of the farm. And so the cycle continues.

Our goals are to serve a (mostly) local market with great tasting, healthy cheese, pork, and beef at affordable prices; to improve rather than degrade the environment with our farming practices; to be a great place to work for our staff (and for our cows!); and to be an asset to our surrounding community.

We’ve been making cheese since 2000. Our “First

Mothers” were 9 Jersey cows, and now the herd has grown to about 30. We maintain a “closed” herd (we don’t buy in any cows) to protect the health of the herd and we are Animal Welfare Approved.

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