Seaview Crab Company

Seaview Crab Company
1515 Marstellar Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Seaview Crab Company began in 2006 as side work for Nathan King and brothers Joe and Sam Romano. We wanted to earn a self-made living and commercial fishing provided an intriguing blend of innovation and hard labor. When market conditions became difficult, we transitioned to roadside retail sales and now operate several sales locations in North Carolina. Today we are a team of over 30 part-time and full-time fishmongers.

We adopted the philosophy of “moving seafood forward” in an effort to ensure the future of sustainable seafood production, educate the community and encourage creative consumption. Fundamental to our success is time-tested NC seafood industry knowledge combined with new techniques and technology to harvest, process, promote and deliver the best seafood products. Our crab boats catch blue crabs year-round in the Masonboro Sound and surrounding NC waters. Near Topsail Island, we are growing a proprietary brand of Stump Sound oysters and clams. We have the widest variety of US shrimp, local whole fish and fresh and frozen fish filets in Wilmington. Our network of high-quality suppliers is mainly in NC, but it also extends from New England to Florida.

At Seaview Crab Company, we continually strive to exceed customer expectations while progressing our own business standards. We are passionate to move seafood forward from our waters to your plate!

Our expertise is rooted in North Carolina Fisheries and Fisherman but we also source a variety of domestic and international Seafood. When the seasons, weather, regulations, or customer demand changes we seek out new fisherman and fisheries to roll with the tide. We have almost ten years’ experience in the seafood business as commercial fisherman, fishmongers, fish cutters, dock hands, and everything in between. We started as retail fishmongers, so we pride ourselves in engaging, and listening to the specific needs of individual customers. The seafood world has lots of moving parts and we don’t have all the answers or products, but we will always be transparent and stay active in the local, domestic, and international fisheries to be out in front of industry changes. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and bring more North Carolina Seafood into your kitchens and homes.

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