Orrmans Cheese Shop

Orrmans Cheese Shop
8490 Honeycutt Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
We are excited to be working with Orrman's Cheese Shop in Lafayette Village of North Raleigh, for access to a number a delicious, artisan-made cheeses around our state and region! Orrman's cheese shop will be providing us with expert recommendations each week of new cheeses and varieties for us to try, and will be cutting those cheeses down into manageable and affordable quantities for our members to enjoy!

We are working with Orrman's to offer prices similar to their retail pricing, so you don't have to pay a premium to have their delicious products delivered to your home. As you encounter new cheeses that you enjoy and would like to further explore, we hope you will visit their store to check out a robust selection of small batch products from local creameries and also across the world!

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Cheese Curds, Fresh Cheddar | Cheese, Appalachian | Cheese, Barron County Bleu Cheddar (Kennys Farmhouse Cheese, KY) | Cheese, Basil Cheese (Yellow Branch Creamery, NC) | Cheese, Bearded Lady | Cheese, Burrata | Cheese, Calvander, (Chapel Hill Creamery, NC) | Cheese, Campo, Boxcarr Handmade Cheese | Cheese, Carolina Moon Brie | Cheese, Chocolate Lab (Looking Glass Creamery, NC) | Cheese, Dirty Girl (Prodigal Farm, NC) | Cheese, Drovers Road Cheddar (Looking Glass Creamery, NC) | Cheese, Flamenco (Three Graces Dairy, NC) | Cheese, Fondue, Gruyere-style (Three Graces Dairy, NC) | Cheese, Lindale (Goat Lady Dairy, NC) | Cheese, Lissome (Boxcarr Creamery, NC) | Cheese, Mozzarella, fresh in brine | Cheese, Mozzarella, Smoked, fresh in brine | Cheese, Pas de Trois | Cheese, Providence (Goat Lady Dairy, NC) | Cheese, Ricotta, fresh | Cheese, Snow Camp (Goat Lady Dairy, NC) | Field of Creams (Prodigal Farm, NC) | Gouda, 10 month (Forx Farm) | Grayson (Meadow Creek Dairy, Galax, VA) | Hunkadora (Prodigal Farm, NC) | Juliana (Capriole Cheese, Greenville, IN) | Kentucky Rose, (Kennys Farmhouse Cheese, KY) | Norwood, (Kennys Farmhouse Cheese, KY) | OBanon (Capriole Cheese, Greenville, IN) | Pauline (Kennys Farmhouse Cheese, KY) | Sandy Creek (Goat Lady Dairy, Asheboro, NC) |


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