Heritage Farms

For the last 39 years, our family at Heritage Farms in Seven Springs, NC, has been delivering a remarkable cut of meat, the Cheshire Pork. Discerning chefs and food lovers around the world prefer this pork for its tenderness, whit intramuscular fat, and smooth Umami taste.

These purebredds are carefully raised, hand-fed controlled diets in animal welfare pen gestation systems approved by Temple Grandin, Ph.D. Our pigs have room to move around and socially congregate, and are never fed animal by-products, lowering the risk of numberous health and environmental problems.

As they're processed, we add NO fillers, steroids, artificial processing, hormones, preservatives, or flavoring solutions. These practices - and our simple devotion to our family farm - ensure that only the finest cuts will reach our customers.

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