New Oaks Farm

New Oaks Farm
3545 Morton-Pulliam Rd
Roxboro, NC 27712
New Oaks Farm is a new family produce farm growing out of an old family tobacco farm. The land itself is a mixture of mature hardwood trees and smallish sandy loam soil fields. All in, we think its an ideal place to grow diverse produce crops. Reggie Oakley, our founder, grew up working the same land that the farm occupies today and "the big white farm-house in the curve" is still "home" though Reggie, his wife and three children are full-time Durham residents.

We believe that old ways (like crop rotation, crop diversity, composting, and livestock rotations), combined with the best modern practices (limited tillage, season extension practices, and drip irrigation) provides the key to a practical, sustainable regional food system that can deliver freshness, convenience and a viable future for the small farms that surround Durham and Orange counties.

You can find us on Wednesdays (3-6 pm) and Saturdays (8-12 pm) at the Person County Farmers Market. You can also find us in your driveway if you become a member of our no-commitment Durham-centric home-delivery service!

We also plan to apply to the Durham farmer's market during its annual enrollment in January 2012.

We have big dreams for this small farm!

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Beets, Red | Broccoli Raab | Cabbage, Pointed Head | Peppers, Anaheim | Peppers, Bell, Lavender | Peppers, Habanero | Tomatoes, Grape | Tomatoes, Heirloom | Tomatoes, Slicing |

Farm Practices:
Sustainable farming methods

Person County Farmers Market


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