Contrarian Farm

Brittany Kordick and Dan Shields started Contrarian Farm in 2008 in Pittsboro, NC, when they were students in the sustainable agriculture program at Central Carolina Community College. A couple of years later, they moved the operation its new home on about 75 acres of family land in Westfield, NC, where it is now run by Brittany. The soon-to-be-expanded growing area currently consists of about 3 acres of revitalized tobacco fields, and is surrounded by picturesque views of Pilot Mountain and apple orchards. While the soil is naturally mineral-rich and well-drained, the land was previously conventionally farmed with tobacco, corn and soy, so there have been many challenges to overcome.

The farm is also home to pastured heritage-breed meat rabbits and a modest dairy goat herd. While not certified organic, Contrarian Farm does not utilize any synthetic chemicals and employs sustainable practices, such as cover cropping, crop rotation, and the incorporation of livestock manure to continually build up the soil while striving to increase the variety and quantity of produce grown.

Although it is a relatively young farm, Contrarian has quickly built a reputation as an operation thatís not only interested in good farm stewardship practices, but also interested in putting a complete meal on the plate. The term "contrarian" comes from the financial industry, where it refers to an investor who is distrustful of conventional wisdom. This definition suits the farm well, since, by necessity, it is smaller than most, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for by growing crops and choosing sales outlets that actually feed people, rather than mindlessly following the latest fad.

The foremost operating principle at Contrarian is to provide the highest quality local food for the best prices to people who care about making it a major part of their meals. Brittany has received consistently excellent feedback from customers on the quality and quantity of the farmís products. A bunch of Contrarian turnips or kale provides enough vegetable for it to be an integral part of your meal Ė a major ingredient, not just a garnish. In keeping with this principle, Brittany is constantly experimenting with ways to supply staple crops to people year-round from a small, one-woman farm. This year, available through Papa Spudís, you can expect to find tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, radishes, arugula, turnips, winter squash, colored bell peppers, swiss chard, rutabagas, beets, collards, kale and cabbages.

If you're into making local foods a major part of your eating life, you've come to the right place. By navigating to this page, you've been introduced to your local grower, harvester, packager and delivery driver all at once. One person handles your food from its conception to the end of production and it is with great pride that Brittany says, "If you know me, your farmer, you truly know your food."

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Arugula | Beans, Yellow Wax | Beets, Golden | Beets, Red | Bok Choy, baby | Broccoli Raab | Cabbage, Napa | Cabbage, Pointed Head | Carrots, no tops | Cauliflower | Chard, Green | Chard, Rainbow | Chard, Red | Cucumbers, Pickling | Cucumbers, Slicing | Eggplant | Eggplant, Italian | Farm-dried Tomatoes | Fennel | Flowers | Greens, Collard | Greens, Kale, green | Greens, Mustard | Herbs, Basil | Herbs, Cilantro | Herbs, Dill | Herbs, Garlic Chives | Herbs, Mint | Herbs, Oregano | Herbs, Parsley | Herbs, Rosemary | Herbs, Sage | Herbs, Tarragon | Herbs, Thyme | Lettuce, Green Leaf | Lettuce, Mixed Heads | Lettuce, Red Leaf | Lettuce, Romaine | Okra | Onions, Green | Onions, Spring | Onions, Yellow | Peas, Sugar Snap | Peppers, Bell, Green | Peppers, Bell, Orange | Peppers, Green Bell | Peppers, Poblano | Potatoes, mixed | Potatoes, Purple | Potatoes, Red | Potatoes, Red Skin, Yellow Flesh | Potatoes, Russet | Potatoes, White | Potatoes, Yukon Gold | Radishes, Daikon | Radishes, Red | Romaine Hearts | Rutabagas | Spinach | Sprouts, Brussels | Squash, Acorn | Squash, Butternut | Squash, Patty Pan | Squash, Yellow | Squash, Zephyr | Squash, Zucchini | Sunchokes | Sweet Potatoes, Beauregard | Sweet Potatoes, Covington | Tomatoes, Cherry, Sungold | Tomatoes, Cocktail, Juliet | Tomatoes, Green | Tomatoes, Heirloom | Tomatoes, Roma | Tomatoes, Slicing | Tomatoes, Slicing | Tomatoes, sun-dried | Turnips, Hakurei Salad | Turnips, Purple Top w/ tops |

Farm Practices:
Non-certified organic

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