Cottle Farms

Cottle Farms
2488 West NC Hwy 403
Faison, NC -

Cottle Farms started out in the 1960ís as just a few acres of strawberries, and has grown into a 300 acre operation. About 7 years ago, Herbie Cottle began switching over to certified organic farming after recognizing they were already using a number of sustainable techniques on their conventional acres, and in order to focus more on sustainability and quality. They continue to learn from and improve upon their organic operations, and enjoy each day as an opportunity to get out and work with the land.

Cottle Farms products are distributed with help from

Eastern Carolina Organics

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Arugula | Arugula, baby | Beans, Edamame | Beans, Green | Beans, Green, French Filet | Beans, Yellow Wax | Beets, Red baby w/ tops | Blueberries | Braising Mix | Broccoli | Cabbage, Green | Cabbage, Pointed Head | Carrots, baby w/ tops | Chard, Green | Chard, Rainbow | Chard, Red | Corn | Cucumbers, Pickling | Eggplant | Greens, Collard | Greens, Kale, green | Greens, Kale, lacinato | Greens, Kale, red | Greens, Kale, red russian | Greens, Mustard | Greens, Tatsoi | Greens, Turnip | Herbs, Cilantro | Lettuce, Green Leaf | Lettuce, Mixed Heads | Lettuce, Red Leaf | Okra | Onions, Green | Onions, Spring | Peas, English | Peas, Sugar Snap | Peppers, Banana | Peppers, Jalapeno | Potatoes, Red | Potatoes, Yukon Gold | Purslane | Radishes, Daikon | Radishes, Easter Egg | Radishes, Red | Rutabagas | Spinach | Squash, Acorn | Squash, Butternut | Squash, Yellow | Squash, Zucchini | Strawberries | Tomatoes, Grape | Turnips, Purple Top | Turnips, Purple Top w/ tops |

Farm Practices:
Certified Organic


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