Holiday Breads

We have a delicious selection of savory breads for your Thanksgiving dinner available from Stick Boy Bread Company including their famous Stuffing Bread that just smells like Thanksgiving as soon as you open the box!

Stuffing Bread: A Thanksgiving favorite! This hearty bread is made with white wheat flour, cornmeal, celery and a super spice mix (dried onion, sage, basil, thyme, celery seed, paprika, rosemary, mustard, pepper, and poultry seasoning). Pile it high with sliced turkey for an out-of-this-world turkey sandwich, or use it to make classic bread stuffing.

CranApple Pumpkin Seed Bread: This honey colored loaf is a menagerie of Fall colors and flavors. It's loaded with tart cranberries, Granny Smith apples, and salty pumpkin seeds.

Soft Yeast Rolls: Light, soft and moist! These rolls are the perfect accompaniment to any home cooked meal.

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