The Pleasant Bee

photo by: The Pleasant Bee

photo by: The Pleasant Bee

photo by: The Pleasant Bee

Al Pleasants and Sarah Pleasants, partnered owners of The Pleasant Bee, have always shared a close relationship.  In an interview with the News and Observer, Al states "We've always kind of laughed that we wanted to have a hobby we could share together."  The opportunity to start such a hobby presented itself a couple years ago when Sarah enrolled in a bee-keeping class at North Carolina State University.  Al decided he would audit the class with Sarah.   Intrigued by the information that was taught in the class, Al and Sarah decided to expand their enthusiasm by attending the Wake County Beekeeping Association seminar for beginners.  It was at this event that Sarah won a brand new bee-hive as a door prize.

Currently, Al and Sarah both are state-certified beekeepers.  In 2010, Sarah Pleasants became a Journeymen Beekeeper and is currently working towards becoming a North Carolina Master Beekeeper. Al and Sarah are actively involved in the local beekeeping community as members of the Wake County Beekeepers Association since 2008 and Sarah is the current Secretary for the association. They encourage all new or future beekeepers to visit the Wake County Beekeepers Association monthly meetings and becoming involved with local beekeeping.

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