The Grain Mill of Wake Forest

The Grain Mill of Wake Forest
230-B South Main Street
Wake Forest, NC 27587

David and Mitzi Bissette have an appreciation for local, free enterprise businesses.  During a trip to the island of Hispanola, David and Mitzi were intrigued by the small shops that served the local community while sustaining the livelihoods of their owners.  It was in the spirit of these businesses that David and Mitzi established The Grain Mill of Wake Forest and begin milling whole grains for their costumers.  The idea to open a grain mill came after a visit to a friendís house where David and Mitzi watched their friend mill grain for over thirty minutes just to bake two loaves of bread.   It was at this point that the couple wondered if a home grain mill would provide local residents with a valuable service.

The Milling Process:

The Grain Mill of Wake Forest operates with one goal: to provide artisan grains to costumers in micro-batches for home baking.  Grains are sourced from Montana Wheat, which carries GMO- free grains that are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.  As David puts it, ďI donít want the cheapest; I want the best (grains).Ē The Grain Mill of Wake Forest assures the quality of their grains by keeping operations small.  Since there are limitations with space, David and Mitzi have established their milling operation to cater to the individual.  In fact, every pound of grain produced in their Wake Forest mill house is visually inspected.  

Why Whole Grains?

Unfortunately, the indiscretions inflicted by our modern milling practices have reduced the quality of commercial wheat.  After the late nineteenth century, white breads, cakes, and biscuits became mainstays in the diets of industrialized nations.  This was made possible with the use of high-speed, high temperature milling machines.  These machines extract the germ and the bran of each grain.  Even whole wheat flour is compromised during the high-temperature milling process because the high temperatures destroy the components of the whole grain that contain essential nutrients (vitamin E in particular).  A true whole grain must be slow ground using friction from stones, not heat from high powered machines.  The Grain Mill of Wake Forest is proud to say that their grains are guaranteed to contain all the components of the wheat grain.

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