M&M Plant Farms

M&M Plant Farms
6031 Kerrs Chapel Road
Elon, NC 27244

M & M Plant Farms is run by Randy Massey in Elon, North Carolina. As of 2008 they have 32 acres of certified organic land, producing a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Randy learned about farming growing up from his grandfather, who tended toward sustainable farming as a necessity of the times. Randy made the switch over to certified organic in order to get away from the use of synthetic pesticides, and to offer a better quality, more sustainable product that commands a fairer price in the market.

M&M Plant Farms products are distributed with help from

Eastern Carolina Organics

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Broccoli | Cabbage, Green | Chard, Rainbow | Chard, Red | Cucumbers, Slicing | Eggplant | Greens, Collard | Greens, Kale, green | Greens, Kale, red | Greens, Turnip | Herbs, Dill | Herbs, Mint | Herbs, Oregano | Herbs, Parsley | Herbs, Thyme | Lettuce, Romaine | Melon, Cantaloupe | Peppers, Bell, Green | Peppers, Green Bell | Peppers, Jalapeno | Squash, Yellow | Squash, Zucchini | Tomatoes, Cherry | Tomatoes, Grape | Tomatoes, Slicing |

Farm Practices:
Certified Organic

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