A Chef & A Farmer
Duo is the most natural alliance of chef and farmer, in this case, the partnership of Cino Donati, former executive chef of Noble's Grille, and longtime sustainable farmer, Brittany Kordick of Contrarian Farm.

Dedicated to a combination of culinary skill and integrity of ingredients, DUO will enhance any fine event with a light, tasteful touch that does not distract you from your occasion.

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Apple Butter, fresh | Apple, Maple Pecan Candied | Apple, Whiskey Pecan Caramel | Apples, Poached | Artichoke Dip | Barley Mushroom Rice Pilaf | Bread Pudding, Artichoke | Bread, Sweet, Orange Ginger Upside-down Cake | Butternut Polenta Lasagna | Cake, Apple Ginger Spice Upside-Down | Cake, Black Walnut & Fig, slice | Cake, Carrot | Cake, Cranberry Walnut | Cake, Flourless Hazelnut Chocolate | Cake, Honeysuckle Almond | Cake, Pumpkin Hazelnut with Maple Icing | Cake, Raspberry Tiramisu | Cake, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb | Cake, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake | Caponata | Casserole, Butternut Broccoli Raab Bake with Shiitake Mushrooms | Casserole, New Potato Vegetable Kuegel | Casserole, Pimento Cheese Potato Gratin | Casserole, Swiss Chard and Mushroom Polenta Bake | Casserole, Vegetable Egg Foo Young | Cheesecake, Chocolate Cherry | Cheesecake, Chocolate Chipotle | Cheesecake, Pistachio Cherry Cannoli | Cheesecake, Raspberry, slice | Chili, Black Bean, Pepper, and Chocolate | Chili, Vegetarian | Chowder, Roasted Poblano and Corn | Cookies, Shortbread, Valentines Day | Cookies, Spice, German Spekulatius | Cupcakes, Carrot with Buttercream | Cupcakes, Champagne Velvet | Dip, Edamame Artichoke & Spinach | Dip, Farm-dried Tomato and White Bean | Dip, Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic | Dip, White Bean and Sun-dried Tomato | Fritatta, New Potato and Summer Squash | Frittata, Broccoli Sundried Tomato | Frittata, Brussel Sprout Balsamico | Gnocchi with Summer Squash, Chard, and Sage | Gratin, Beet and Butternut with Feta | Heirloom Apple Bread Pudding with Walnuts & Brandy | Hummus, Almond Arugula White Bean | Hummus, Ancho Chile Pumpkin | Hummus, Basil Pesto and Chickpea | Hummus, Beet with Orange and Mint | Hummus, Bell Pepper with Caramelized Onion | Hummus, Citrus and Ginger Carrot | Hummus, Kimchi | Hummus, Pinto Bean with Feta & Mint | Hummus, Roasted Beet with Walnuts and Chevre | Hummus, Roasted Carrot | Hummus, Roasted Poblano Mango | Hummus, Sweet Pea Wasabi | Hummus, Sweet Potato | Jam, Fresh Blueberry Lime | Jam, Fresh Peach and Basil | Jam, Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb | Jam, Muscadine Grape, fresh | Jam, Sicilian Style Cherry Tomato | Jelly, Fresh Apple Blackberry Spoon Fruit | Jelly, Pink Champagne | Kimchi, Daikon Radish | Melitzanosalata, Greek Eggplant Dip | Muffin, Pineapple Pecan Cinnamon | Muffins, Apple Blackberry | Muffins, Apple Butter w/ Pecan Streusel | Muffins, Apple Cheddar Corn | Muffins, Apple Cinnamon Raisin | Muffins, Apple Cinnamon Rhubarb | Muffins, Apple Maple Oatmeal | Muffins, Apple Pecan | Muffins, Apple Raspberry | Muffins, Apricot Ginger | Muffins, Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip | Muffins, Blackberry Peach | Muffins, Blueberry | Muffins, Blueberry Lemon | Muffins, Blueberry Orange | Muffins, Blueberry Zucchini | Muffins, Carrot Pineapple Nut | Muffins, Cherry Banana | Muffins, Chocolate Beet | Muffins, Chocolate Cherry | Muffins, Chocolate Espresso | Muffins, Chocolate Espresso | Muffins, Chocolate Zucchini | Muffins, Coconut Granola | Muffins, Cranberry Lemon Curd | Muffins, Cranberry Orange Oat | Muffins, Cranberry Oranges | Muffins, Cranberry Sweet Potato | Muffins, Fig and Walnut | Muffins, Gingerbread | Muffins, Honey-Glazed Pear and Walnut | Muffins, Hot Cross | Muffins, Lemon Poppyseed | Muffins, Mango Banana | Muffins, Mimosa | Muffins, Mixed Berry | Muffins, Peach Almond | Muffins, Peach Almond Muffin | Muffins, Peach Spice Streusel | Muffins, Peanut Butter & Jelly | Muffins, Peanut Butter & Jelly | Muffins, Pecan Peach with Maple Glaze | Muffins, Persimmon Date | Muffins, Pineapple Upside Down Muffins | Muffins, Raspberry Lemon | Muffins, Raspberry Rhubarb | Muffins, Raspberry Rose Cream | Muffins, Rhubarb Raspberry | Muffins, Rum Raisin | Muffins, Savory Tomato Basil | Muffins, Spiced Sweet Potato Apple | Muffins, Strawberry Banana | Muffins, Strawberry Cream | Muffins, Sweet Cherry Almond, *has nuts | Panettone, Holiday | Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, & Capers | Pasta Salad, Broccoli Raab | Pasta Salad, Casarecce with Olive Walnut Tapenade | Pastry, Pea and Carrot Tart | Pastry, Root Vegetable and Apple Tarte Tartin | Pears, Poached | Persimmon Pudding | Pesto, Cilantro Walnut | Pesto, Classic Basil | Pesto, Eggplant and Almond | Pesto, Roasted Poblano and Garlic | Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper, includes nuts | Pie, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan | Pie, Piperade Pie Slice | Pie, Squash Blossom Risotto | Pie, Sweet Potato, slice | Potato Salad, Aegean | Potato Salad, Asparagus & Cannelini Bean | Pound Cake, Chocolate Cherry Almond, mini loaf | Pound Cake, English Seed | Quiche, Asparagus Mushroom | Quiche, Kale Pesto with Hash Brown Crust | Quiche, Spinach Artichoke | Ratatouille | Roasted Pumpkin Butter, fresh | Salad, Apple & Kale w/ Sunflower Seeds | Salad, Apple Pecan Chard | Salad, Beet & Potato with Horseradish | Salad, Broccoli Amandine | Salad, Dill-dressed Spring Vegetables | Salad, Drunken Pasta Salad with Scallion Spinach Pesto | Salad, Early Summer Succotash | Salad, Eggplant with Feta Mint Vinaigrette | Salad, Fresh Kimchee with Baby Bok Choy | Salad, Fresh Pea with Dates & Pecans | Salad, Lentils with Spinach & Carrots | Salad, New Potato Vegetable Mushroom | Salad, Panzanella | Salad, Pasta, Lemon Pepper Green Bean | Salad, Potato, Spring Vegetable Ragout | Salad, Spicy Cucumber Kimchi | Salad, Sweet Potato Lentil Curry | Salad, Tuscan Baked Beans | Salad, Wild Rice and Asparagus | Salsa Verde | Salsa, Cranberry Pomegranate | Salsa, Mixed Berry | Salsa, Pineapple Mango | Salsa, Rhubarb | Salsa, Sour Cherry | Salsa, Strawberry Mango Chipotle | Salsa, Winter Veggie | Salsa, Zesty Cilantro Citrus | Sauce, Asparagus and White Bean | Sauce, Butternut Sage Pasta Sauce | Sauce, Butternut Shiitake Ragu | Sauce, Catalan Romesco, includes nuts | Sauce, Cosentino | Sauce, Eggplant and Mushroom Tomato Sauce | Sauce, Farm-dried Tomato Pesto | Sauce, Fennel, White Wine, & Tomato | Sauce, Fra Diavolo | Sauce, Herbed Horseradish Tomato | Sauce, Italian Formaggi | Sauce, Pomodoro Verde | Sauce, Primavera Pasta Sauce | Sauce, Primavera Tomato Sauce | Sauce, Pumpkin Sage Pasta Sauce | Sauce, Pumpkin Sage Pasta Sauce | Sauce, Puttanesca | Sauce, Roasted Artichoke & Olive Tomato Sauce | Sauce, Roasted Fennel & Olive Tomato Sauce | Sauce, Roasted Garlic and Eggplant Red Wine Sauce | Sauce, Roasted Tomato Pepper | Sauce, Romesco | Sauce, Rosemary Butternut Parmesan | Sauce, Spinach Marinara | Sauce, Sundried Tomatoes and Spinach Cream | Sauce, Sungold Cherry Tomato | Sauce, Vegetarian Lentil Bolognese Sauce | Sauce, Vodka Blush Sauce | Sauerkraut, Craberry Apple | Sheperds Pie, Vegetarian Casserole | Slaw, Apple Radish | Soup, Apple, Fennel, and Cannelini Bean | Soup, Artichoke and Tomato | Soup, Artichoke Bisque with Gremolata | Soup, Asparagus Wild Rice | Soup, Autumn Bisque | Soup, Borscht | Soup, Brandied Butternut Pear Bisque | Soup, Broccoli 3 Cheese | Soup, Broccoli Cheddar Potato | Soup, Broccoli Raab & Potato with White Beans | Soup, Brussels Sprout Cheddar | Soup, Carrot Dill | Soup, Cauliflower | Soup, Cheddar Ale with Brussels Sprouts | Soup, Chili Verde | Soup, Coconut Lentils with Chard | Soup, Cream of Celery | Soup, Cucumber Avocado | Soup, Curried Broccoli Raab with Lentils | Soup, Curried Carrot & Parsnip | Soup, Curried Summer Squash | Soup, Daikon Noodle | Soup, Fava Bean Pasta e Fagioli | Soup, French Onion and White Bean | Soup, Fresh Snap Pea | Soup, German Potato Horseradish | Soup, Green Gazpacho | Soup, Hot & Sour | Soup, Italian Vegetable | Soup, Lettuce and Snap Pea | Soup, Minestrone Soup | Soup, Mushroom Barley | Soup, Mushroom with Red Wine and Cream | Soup, Parsnip and Wild Rice Mulligatawny Stew | Soup, Potato and Mushroom | Soup, Pozole de Frijol | Soup, Roasted Green Tomato and Basil | Soup, Roasted Pepper Tomato | Soup, Roasted Pepper Tomato | Soup, Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Potato | Soup, Root Vegetable and Cauliflower Chowder | Soup, Spiced Carrot | Soup, Spicy Black Bean | Soup, Spicy Kimchi | Soup, Spicy Sweet Potato Noodle | Soup, Spinach & White Bean | Soup, Springtime Minestrone | Soup, Squash Blossom and Corn Chowder | Soup, Summer Thai Red Curry | Soup, Summer Vegetable | Soup, Tomato Orzo with Dill | Soup, Vegetable Medley | Soup, Vichyssoise | Soup, Vichyssoise | Soup, Watermelon Gazpacho | Soup, White Chili with Cauliflower | Soup, Winter Borscht | Spinach Pie | Spread, Aubergine Caviar | Stew, Curried Tomato Eggplant | Stew, Lucky Lentil and Sauerkraut | Summer Gumbo | Tapenade, Artichoke Olive | Tapenade, Artichoke Olive with Sundried Tomatoes | Tart, Roasted Beet and Butternut Squash with Polenta Crust | Tomato Sauce, Pomodoro Cosentino | Torta, Apple Cranberry Walnut | Torte, Hazelnut Brown Butter | Truffle Assortment | Truffles, Champagne Chocolate | Truffles, Easter Chocolate | Truffles, Raspberry | Truffles, Strawberry Champagne | Vinaigrette, Carrot Ginger | Vinaigrette, Strawberry Balsamic | Whoopie Pie, Pumpkin Praline |


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