Jeem Farms

Jeem Farms
129 Quissenberry Rd.
Pinnacle, NC 27043
JEEM Farms greenhouse tomatoes are, without exception, the freshest and tastiest 'locally grown' produce you will find during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. The taste they offer is "indescribable" and is "absolutely wonderful", as customers have stated. Many have commented that our tomatoes are more flavorful than those grown in the fields in the Summer. What a compliment! While the Summer field crops are in full swing, you can savor their taste and have enjoyment in knowing you were able to get a fresh from the garden tomato. However, once this seemingly short season winds down, you are left with mediocre to lousy imported and chemically filled tomatoes. Where we come in is when the locally grown Summer field crop tomatoes are no longer available. We will have greenhouse tomatoes from October through the end of June. (Keep in mind that even though they are 'greenhouse tomatoes', they are much different from 'typical' greenhouse tomatoes you will likely find anywhere else!) So, when the field crops finish, you can get tomatoes from us, and can continue until the others come back into season!

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