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The history of Kerala Curry dates right back to those ancient times when on the peaceful Indian coast of Kerala the legendary spices had been a part of nature and the fine art of blending them in various subtle combinations had been a way of life with people. Time had stood still on this tropical paradise - until these exotic spices cast their spell on the taste buds of Europe that brought sailors from far and wide in their quest, thereby marking the beginning of the longest recorded history of spice trade in the world. In the wake of the early Babylonians and Egyptians came the Phoenicians and Romans and the Portuguese, Dutch, French and the English in subsequent years. Many a war was fought and many an empire sprang to life and then perished, but the focal point of contention had always been the exclusive access to the highly lucrative spice trade...

Even as each new trading partner came and went away with the most sought after spices, something equally valuable, namely the unique recipes, each of which was a culinary masterpiece perfected over a thousand years remained the guarded secret of the matriarchs of a few Keralite families.

It is this rich and long culinary tradition of a particular Keralite family - handed down from a matriarch only to the chosen ones in the next generation - that is captured and retained in the authentic South Indian Curries manufactured in North Carolina, USA and marketed under the brand name Kerala Curry. Kerala Curry, a Goodness Grows in North Carolina company, produces 5 lines of products; shelf stable retail & food service, fresh chilled & frozen Indian meals/entrees, fresh & frozen food service. All our products are 100% natural, Gluten Free, contain NO MSG, artificial colors/preservatives, corn syrup or modified food starches. These unique products are made in our federally inspected USDA plant in NC, slow cooked in gas fired kettles in small batches with the personal recipes of Ann Varkey, founder & CEO of Kerala Curry.

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