Nooherooka Natural

Nooherooka Natural
2029 Mewborn Church Road
Snow Hill, NC 28580
At Nooherooka Natural, we strive to produce the highest quality beef possible. Our beef does not contain the vast amount of additives found in most other foods. We raise beef the way it was raised hundreds of years ago, with no hormones or antibiotics. Our product is totally natural. Our animals are offered a vegetarian diet designed to maximize tenderness and flavor. All of our animals are treated humanely.

Natural beef is beef that is produced with no growth hormones (steroids), antibiotics, or feed additives. Most beef in the United States receives all of these. Nooherooka Natural will never use any of these products in any form. Our animals donít do drugs!

The animals of Nooherooka Natural are under a feeding program designed to maximize nutritious growth without hormones, antibiotics, or feed additives. All of the feeds offered to our animals are grown right here on our own farm. After weaning, the cows are pasture and grain fed for a minimum of 60-120 days. The cows are hand fed daily. All of our animals are treated humanely and with respect.

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