Cultured Cow Creamery

Cultured Cow Creamery
5914 Kemp Road
Durham, NC 27703
Our World Vision

Both the exponential growth of the global population and the decline of raw food production raise the unavoidable issue: we are facing a food crisis. We believe that cheese is a solution. Cows are found everywhere in the world and cheese can easily be made anywhere. We aim to share the know-how of the dairy industry and teach the process to countries and people without the same resources or experience.

Our Commitment to the World

- We do not believe in trade secrets. We are committed to an open process of how we make our product and utilize our resources. Our goal is to see to it that our process can be easily duplicated anywhere in the world.

- We are committed to making cheese in an environmentally sustainable way by using a combination of local resources, smart manufacturing procedures, and renewable energy sources.

Our Mission

We are privileged to have the facilities to practice true sustainability and energy efficiency. It is our mission to replicate our model in ways that can work around the world; through partnering with governments, organizations, and educational institutions.

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