Fox Hollow Farms

Fox Hollow Farms
8104 Ridgeback Rd.
Apex, NC 27523
Fox Hollow Farms, located in Apex, NC, is run by retired couple Shari Penland and her husband. The farm occupies roughly 20 acres of pastured land, the vast majority of which is kept open for grazing by the cows, chickens, quails, turkeys, and ducks that they keep. Chicken eggs are available from April to October, while quail and duck eggs are only available in the Spring.

In addition to the animals, Shari also keeps an innovative hydroponic garden, that occupies just 1/3 acre. They were inspired to develop the hydroponic system after visiting a similar model in Florida, where one innovative farmer showed that he could produce an equal output of strawberries on 1 acre of hydroponics, as his brother could on 32 acres in ground. The system is built off of the ground in levels, significantly reducing the labor required in day to day maintenance. This, coupled with the controlled watering and fertilization system characteristic to hydroponics, creates a largely self contained garden that the retired couple can maintain without any outside help.

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Farm Practices:
Hydroponic, pasture-raised


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