Taylor Family Organics

Taylor Family Organics
1718 Powhatan Rd.
Clayton, NC 27527
Taylor Family Organics, operating in Clayton, NC, is a certified organic farm run by James Taylor. James is a very young farmer (mid-twenties), who is extremely passionate about growing food, and doing it sustainably. James spends countless hours reading about sustainable farming techniques, visiting innovative urban farming projects, and learning everything he can to develop smart agricultural systems for the future. He is working on a number of new sustainable techniques including flower gardens to control pest populations, heatless winter greenhouses to significantly extend the growing season and availability of local produce in the winter, and amazing effort and grit into organic composting systems. Keep an eye on James, he one of a growing number of young farmers that will change the face of agriculture in NC for the future.

Products offered through Papa Spud's:
Broccoli | Cabbage, Green | Cauliflower | Chard, Red | Greens, Kale, red russian | Kohlrabi | Lettuce, Butter Crunch | Lettuce, Mixed Heads | Microgreens | Onions, Spring | Peppers, Bell, Purple | Peppers, Cayenne |

Farm Practices:
Certified Organic


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