Jackson Farm

photo by: Jackson Farm

photo by: Jackson Farm

photo by: Jackson Farm

Jackson Farm located on 150 acres in Godwin, NC, operates as a working farm, wildlife sanctuary, and agri-tourism destination.  Guests have access to open fields, wooded trails, ponds, and swamps, on this beautiful plot of land that has been in the family since 1814.  

Jackson Farm facts from owner Tom Jackson:

1)  I am a  5th  generation farmer here. This farm has been owned and operated by my family since about 1812 and is listed as a NC Century Farm as well as a member of Goodness Grows in NC.

2)  We are on the official NC Wildlife Birding Trail with over 100 documented species of birds here, though not necessarily all in the same season.

3)  Our farm is in a NC conservation easement, never to be developed.  We use sustainable practices: fertilize with compost, use integrated pest management, and many organic practices.  Although we were among the very first farms to be certified as organic in NC many years ago, we no longer bother with certification since it doesn't seem 

worth the cost to us in economic return.

4)  We operate a guest house on a 10 acre wildlife sanctuary with a private fishing pond and provide an outdoor venue for weddings and other celebrations for a few, a few dozen or a few hundred guests.

5)  We operate a nursery specializing in native wildlife friendly plants, but we also root figs and other backyard food plants for sale. We heat the greenhouse and our home with wood from the farm.

6)  We have incorporated a non-profit preservation school to preserve, document, and teach antique rural skills: using firewood, cooking with wood fire, butchering at home, quilting, sewing, recycling and reusing, gardening, preserving local wildlife and  many others.

7)  I teach college English part time; Jan is a potter;  representing both ourselves and a small confederacy of local growers, we have delivered specialty produce to upscale restaurants in the triangle for over 20 years but recently stopped doing that to focus on CSA sales.

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