Recipe Kit:
Thanksgiving Roasted Veggies in Turkey Drippings

This roasted vegetable side is super easy to prepare, will feed a large family, and cooks right along with your Thanksgiving turkey in the oven. Fall veggies are basted in drippings from your turkey in the oven, and seasoned with salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary. The veggies cook to perfection and are infused with awesome fall and Thanksgiving flavors. A few minutes of prep, and then toss them in the oven as your turkey reaches the end of its cook time, your guests will love it!

Serves 5-6

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20-30 minutes

Kit Includes:
Recipe Card & Instructions
Broccoli, local (2 crowns)
Brussels Sprouts (12 oz.)
Carrots, local (6 oz.)
Sweet Potatoes, local (1 lb.)
Onion (1 ct.)
Rosemary (3 sprigs)

You Provide:
Turkey Drippings (1/4 cup)
Salt & Pepper

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