Field Peas

Available on the order page this week, we have shelled Field Peas available from Roberts Family Farm. Field Peas have deep Southern roots! During Sherman’s March in 1864, his troops burned the fields and storehouses of plantations, but often left fields of cowpeas also known as field peas untouched since they were considered food for livestock and slaves. Those untouched fields of field peas kept many southern families from starving. Field peas were eaten then out of necessity, but their flavor is what keeps them on tables now. Each region of the South has cultivated its own cowpea and these varieties bear such names as Zippers, Pink Eye, White Acre, Crowder, and Dixie Lee.

*FYI: These field peas are still in the shells, so you will need to shell them before using.

Classic Fresh Field Peas

Summer Hoppin' John Salad

Smoky Field Peas with Fried Green Tomatoes

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