Cox Farms

Cox Farms
547 Dobbersville Road
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Robbie and Janie Cox began operating Cox Farms over 40 years ago. Having being raised around the farming community, Robbie always knew he wanted to farm. In fact, at age 16, Robbie loaded up his first crop (potatoes) and hauled them to the market to sale. Originally, Cox Farms operated on 80 acres of land that had been in the family for many generations. The produce they raised was taken to the Raleigh market and sold by the truckload to wholesale distributors. Eventually, wholesale vegetable prices had to compete with cheaper, foreign produce. In order to keep farming, Robbie and Janie transitioned their farming operations to serve local markets. Cox farms scaled down to around 16 acres and began selling their produce at a street-side vegetable stand in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

In 2008, Robbie and Janie re- located their retail stand to the Raleigh Farmer’s Market where they now serve individuals as well as local restaurants. Robbie arrives in the early morning hours to sale produce to retail markets while Janie operates the produce stand 6 days a week. Cox Farms also supports their local community by taking on-site pick-up orders and drilling irrigation wells for nearby farmers.

Robbie and Janie’s current crops consist of watermelon, peppers, eggplants, patty pan squash, Mediterranean squash, red potatoes, cantaloupes, and bi-colored corn. The fields are irrigated with drip-lines, which drip water directly to the base of the plants, thus using less water. Two greenhouses are also operating and are used to produce pesticide-free cucumbers and tomatoes. For over forty years, Cox Farms has experienced, first-hand, the shifts in the farming industry. Nothing short of determination and hard work has allowed Robbie and Janie to keep growing vegetables.

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State Farmers Market
1201 Agriculture St
Raleigh, NC 27603-2366


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