Price Drop on Local Strawberries!

We have seen another nice price drop on Solar Tunnel Strawberries from Lewis Farms for next week. We are still waiting on field strawberries which should be available in about two more weeks, but with volume coming in from out of state, the price on Lewis Solar Tunnel Strawberries has dropped to $4.50 per pound. These berries are fully ripened on the vine for full sweetness, you will not find a sweeter berry anywhere else in the state this time of year!

Lewis Farms (Rocky Point, NC) pioneered the practice of producing strawberries in protected solar tunnels in North Carolina. Some people even think they taste better than spring berries. These berries do require significant infrastructure and investment to grow in the off-season, so they are more expensive than strawberries grown out in the field. However, because they are grown locally and can be picked when they are actually ripe, they are much better tasting than any strawberry brought in from out of state this time of year.

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