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We have a new cut of grass-fed, pasture raised, locally raised beef available from V. Mac and Peggy Baldwin at Baldwin Beef!

The Charolais cattle of the Baldwin Family Farm graze peacefully on 800+ acres of grassland near Yanceyville, NC! Raising beef cattle is a family operation for the Baldwins. As an engineering student at North Carolina State University in the 1960s, while others were cruising Raleigh on weekends, V. Mac and Peggy Baldwin would cruise the NC State cattle herds on their Vespa Scooter! V. Mac and Peggy Baldwin followed their dream of starting a family cattle farm when they purchased registered two Charolais heifers in 1969. Charolais is one of the oldest beef cattle breeds in the world and is known for high quality and naturally lean meat. Starting with just a few acres on Peggy’s family homestead, the Baldwin Family Farm now consists of 800 acres plus 2000 acres of leased pastures. Baldwin cattle graze freely on high-protein grasses with access to fresh water from pressurized fountains at all times. The result is 100% grass-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, extra lean, USDA inspected, Halal processed beef! To get a better understanding of all the cuts of beef, you can consult the Beef Made Easy chart on the Baldwin Farm web site.

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