Poulet Rouge Fermier

Back on the list after a brief hiatus, we have beautiful Poulet Rouge Fermier whole chickens available from Joyce Farms! Poulet Rouge Fermier chickens are prized by nationally recognized chefs for their firm, flavorful meat. Eight years ago, poultryman Ron Joyce went in search of a superior chicken to raise on his farm, Joyce Farms, outside Winston Salem. He chose a lean-breasted bird from France's Label Rouge program, a government sponsored initiative to preserve heritage-breed farm chickens. The result is a bird that, when roasted, produces succulent, firm, flesh dripping with juices and flavorful, crisp skin. This chicken is so good that you don't have to do anything fancy to prepare it. Chef Michael Schwartz recommends a basic, simple recipe for cooking this remarkable chicken. See his recommendation for Roast Chicken with Herbed French Fries below. For more information about Poulet Rouge Fermier chickens from Joyce Farms, see the recent article in Saveur magazine: Saveur magazine article

Roast Chicken with Herbed French Fries

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