French Breakfast Radishes

We have beautiful French Breakfast Radishes from Red Hawk Farm on the order page this week. They are cute and tender, but the name has always been a puzzle! Why would a radish be called French Breakfast? Actually, they are descended from an heirloom radish introduced in 1879. At the time, French Breakfast radishes were the popular market radish of Paris. Always red tipped with white, the shape can vary. These radishes are handy snacks for the table. Their shape makes them great for dipping. In France they are sliced lengthwise, spread with butter and salted, or placed atop a buttered baguette for a tartine. French Breakfast Radishes also pair deliciously with butter and creamy cheeses like goat. Of course, they can add a much-needed crunchy bite to any salad!

Roasted Radish & Herbed Cheese Omelet

French Breakfast Radishes with Sweet Butter, Sea Salt and Chives

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