Candide Cheese

This briefly aged goat's milk cheese has the airy lightness of summer milk. There's a distinct tanginess, but this lovely batch also also has notes of straw and pawpaw, with a briny finish a bit like a plump oyster. Like many of our cheeses, Candide gets its name from word play. It's a french style cheese, so there's a nod to french author Voltaire's satire of the same name. But the rind of this cheese comes from Geotrichum candidum and penicillium candidum, two molds that help develop the beautiful edible rind and lightly complex flavor. Did you know that sometimes you'll see spots of blue on these rinds? We also make blue cheeses, and penicillium roqueforti, which puts the blue in blue cheese, likes to go for a frolic and visit other cheeses, despite our determination to confine it! It's as wily and free-spirited as our goats -- and is all delicious.

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