Lamb Racks, Pork End Roasts, Petite City Hams

Available for Easter or any other occasion, we have local, pasture-raised Lamb Racks (Frenched), Pork Sirloin End Roasts, and Petite City Hams available for next week from Firsthand Foods!

Lamb Rack (Frenched):
Firsthand Foods lamb is locally-raised and has a lovely clean flavor profile that pleases many palettes. Their racks come “frenched” and make an attractive mouth-watering main course for special events and holidays. This half rack serves 2-4 people, depending on whether you want to provide small or large portions. Their sheep producers are all Animal Welfare Approved and raise their animals humanely on pasture, without growth promoting antibiotics or added hormones. Their lamb is considered halal.

Pork Sirloin End Roast:
Firsthand Foods boneless sirloin end roast is a versatile cut that is easy to prepare for a quick dinner during the week or to serve weekend guests as a central attraction. Perfect for 4-6 people, this roast is has a rich porky flavor that is distinct from “other white meat,” for its pink-in-color, tenderness and marbling. Firsthand Foods’ North Carolina farmers raise Old English style hog breeds that thrive outdoors in their natural habitat in woodlots and pasture. They are Animal Welfare Approved, fed non-GMO grains and raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

Petite City Ham:
The petite city ham is a perfect size for a side dish at a big table or a main entree at a small gathering (feeding up to 8 people). Leftovers can be sliced and pan fried for breakfast or used to add flavor to vegetable-intensive soups and stews. While it is partially cooked by the smoking process, it must be heated through prior to eating. Just thaw, wrap in foil, and roast in the oven at 350F, until internal temperature reaches 160F. Slice, serve, enjoy!

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