Hickory Grove, Carolina Moon, & Calvander Cheeses

For next week we have a local cheeses back on the list from Chapel Hill Creamery! Hickory Grove is a semi ripened cow's milk cheese with a firm rind and creamy interior. It goes great on burgers, in grilled cheese, or mixed with veggies! Also on the list from Chapel Hill Creamery are their Carolina Moon Camambert, and Calvander aged asiago style cheese.

Hickory Grove:
Hickory Grove makes the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich! It has a rich, buttery flavor, lacy, smooth texture, and melts beautifully. Hickory Grove has a natural washed rind with just a hint of funkiness – it’s made in the style of monastery cheeses, usually named after the monastery where they’re made. We don’t have a monastery here at CHC, but we do have the Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church at the head of our road; hence the name. Hickory Grove can be served melted over potatoes like a Raclette, or makes for a great cheeseburger.

Carolina Moon:
Resembling a full moon shining over our beautiful Tar Heel state, Carolina Moon is our North Carolinian version of Camembert. This decadent, soft-ripened cheese is made from pasteurized Jersey milk, and has the traditional round shape of its French counterpart. Aged for 4-5 weeks, it has a delicious buttery, mushroom-y flavor and a rich, creamy texture. Carolina Moon is perfect served at room temperature with baguette or crackers and seasonal fruit or fig jam. Or top with thinly sliced apples, a pinch of cinnamon and bake inside phylo dough.

Calvander Cheese:
Calvander is the most robust cheese that we produce and is a 3-time winner of the Best in Show ribbon at the NC State Fair. Inspired by Asiago, Calvander is aged for 7+ months, and is simply bursting with flavor! Its buttery and walnut characteristics are balanced by a piquant tang. We named this cheese after Calvander Crossroads, the site of the 19th century Calvin Andrews schoolhouse just minutes from the Creamery. Shave this cheese over pasta al dente or grate finely to make pesto. Add to a béchamel for serving over chicken, or mix with our Hickory Grove to give macaroni and cheese a real kick. And Calvander makes the perfect flavor-forward cheese for your cheeseboard!

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