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For next week, we have a very unique variety of specialty peppers available from Cloverfield Farm! Unlike the spicy peppers from other farms, these are all mild peppers that are just packed with flavor!

Jamaica Spice Pepper:
The Jamaica Spice Pepper is a mild pepper with little to no heat. When you cook Jamaica Spice peppers, they give off an aromatic, perfume-like scent. Jamaica spice peppers have a citrus-like flavor with smoky undertones.

NC Hatch Peppers:
Anaheim type peppers picked when green and firm. It has a medium heat level (Scoville 1000 - 2000 compared to 7,000 – 9,000 for early jalapeno). Excellent variety for frying, stuffing, or used fresh green or dried red. When roasted the sweet smoky green chile aroma is strong and intense.

Tapas Peppers:
Tapas Peppers are extremely popular in Spain. They are served year round in Europe and grown in Africa to supply winter demand. They are also used in popular restaurants around the Triangle such as The Lantern in Chapel Hill.

Tricked You Heat-free Jalapeno:
This completely heat-free jalapeño is an improved version of the popular Fooled You hybrid. Get jalapeño flavor without the heat or mix with hot jalapeño varieties to create the exact heat level you want in hot sauces and salsas. These peppers measure about 4.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

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